Cloud of Tone is download platform that offers a constantly growing collection of carefully selected presets for programmable Hughes & Kettner amps, starting with presets for the Black Spirit 200 Series.
You can download preset libraries to your mobile device with the free app for iPAd and transfer presets to your amp.  All presets for Black Spirit 200 work for Head, Combo and Floor.

Quick Guide:

  • To dial in settings manually with your amp, simply click on the screenshot
  • Download to the App for iPad: open the Cloud of Tone on your iPad in Safari, click on the iOS-icon, confirm download, click the download arrow (upper right), select the bs.memory-file, click the share button, select the app for Black Spirit (if the app does not appear, click “more”)
  • Android: click on the Android-icon, the file will be imported automatically
  • iOS and Android: click the library button in the app for Black Spirit (upper right), select the downloaded preset library, return to the main screen, click the preset name text window, select a preset
  • You can now listen to preset without overwriting presets in your amp
  • Before you store presets in your amp or transfer a whole library to your amp, please make sure to back up your personal presets first to the app