Edition Blue 15


Handling is an exercise in simplicity, and the fully analog signal path delivers tone so satisfying it will have you looking for the tubes. If you like to ride the guitar’s volume knob and make the most of different pickup models, you’ll love these combos’ nuanced response. A quick glance at the control panel’s luminous blue tells you that this is a member of the family. But once you hear its sound – so much bigger and bolder than you would expect for an amp this size – you’ll know that this is indeed a Hughes & Kettner amp.


Edition Blue 15
CHANNELS Clean, Lead
POWER 15 Watts
POWER AMP Current Feedback
PREAMP Solid State
REVERB Spring Reverb (R)
MULTI-FX Delay/Chorus/Flanger (DFX)
SPECIAL FEATURES Headphones Out, CD-Input
SPEAKER 1 x 8” Rockdriver Blue
DIMENSIONS 425 x 375 x 195 mm