I first came into contact with an H&K TubeMeister head while on tour in Florida in February of 2013 with Alan Parsons. When I first plugged it in, the whole band (including Alan) were asking what I was using that sounded so good in our in-ear monitors. It was really a game changer for me.  I'm able to get all the tones I need for this gig at a low stage volume. It sounds great in the in-ear monitors AND in the front of house. Now I can play much more naturally and get inspired by the sound I'm hearing in my in-ears! If you have used in-ear monitors, you know how difficult it can be to get a sound that really inspires you to play. Not only is the gear fantastic, but the company has been a pleasure to work with. When I reached out to them I heard back from them immediately and with enthusiasm. It's been a pleasure using their amplifiers and also getting to make friends with a great group of people."



Guitarist, Singer, and Songwriter Alastair Greene has been a mainstay of the Southern California music scene for over 2 decades. Alastair is best known for his blues-based, soulful, and melodic guitar playing (as well as being one of the rare-breed to play slide guitar). The Alastair Greene Band was formed in 1997. The AGB is a power trio that plays a wide variety of guitar heavy Blues Rock. In 2010 Alastair accepted an offer to become the guitarist in the Alan Parsons Live Project with whom he continues to tour.

Equipment Alastair Greene uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment

tm 36 head
TubeMeister 36 Head