Swedish Rock n Roller Chris Laney is back with another high-octane straight-in-your-face solo-album filled with songs that will make you think of the classic hardrock and metal albums from the 80´s. It is obvious where Chris Laney has his musical roots.

Chris Laney is a guitarist and singer who´s been a member in bands like Randy Piper´s Animal, Zan Clan and many more. Chris Laney is also known as a brilliant songwriter and producer. He is working as a producer at legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. A studio with its name on over 500 millions sold albums.

Chris Laneys´ first solo-album PURE was released in March 2009, it was highly welcomed and gave him a firm and increasing fan-base. This new album ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT is a natural continuation of the path set with the first album. Just as on the first solo-album, Chris Laney invited some of his friends to work with him on ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT. For instance Bruce Kulick (KISS), Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy, Mötörhead), Conny Bloom (Hanoi Rocks, Electric Boys), Ian Haugland (Europe), Zinny Zan (Shotgun Messiah, Zan Clan), Nalle Grizzly Påhlsson (Therion, Treat, Randy Piper´s Animal) and a few others contributed on ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT.

During the year since PURE was released Chris Laney has made a mini-tour, but mostly he´s been hiding out in the dungeons of Polar Studios recording and mixing Candlemass, mixed live for Europe, recorded and mixed Brian “Robbo” Robertson, produced and mixed Casablanca, produced and mixed Crazy Lixx, mixed H.E.A.T. song 1.000 miles (wich was the most played song in Swedish radio 2009)… as well as mixing, producing, recording for tons of other artists.

In December 2009 Chris Laney was nominated for yet another Swedish Grammys for his work with the Candlemass album  Death Magic Doom. Chris Laney has won two Grammys and been nominated for several others.

In February 2010 Chris Laney got endorsed by Rockstar energy drink. Chris Laney uses Hughes & Kettner amps and Only Come Out At Night is mostly recorded on the Coreblade model.

Equipment Chris Laney uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment

tm 36 head
TubeMeister 36 Head