The technology of tone is a science that Hughes & Kettner have mastered. Seven years since I got my hands on a Coreblade and I still swear by it: consistent tone, no issues; ever, and it truly stands up to the brutality of being a touring musician. I'll never trust another amp again!


"Keeping shred alive, well into the next generation.”


Picking up his first guitar at the ripe age of 13, San Francisco's Clayton Cagle has furiously fretted and manically shredded his way into modern metal's forefront of guitar heroes. Forming APOTHESARY in 2009, then 14 year old youth authority violently threw his nose to the grindstone and never let up.

"I was always the weird heavy metal nerd in school, spending hours locked in my bedroom or guitar class trying to mimic my favorite players. Jason Becker, John Petrucci, Synyster Gates, and Kirk Hammett were my absolute IDOLS."

By the time Clayton was 16, APOTHESARY had released their first full-length and were touring nationally; Cagle himself having secured endorsements from Paul Reed Smith Guitars, TKL Cases, and Kahler Tremolos - as well as established a working relationship with Hughes & Kettner.

In January 2015, Clayton joined the ranks of Bay Area Thrash juggernauts HATCHET. The recording of "Fear Beyond Lunacy" marked Cagle's debut with the group, released on October 30, 2015 through The End Records. What followed were major tours with the likes of Metal Church, Flotsam and Jetsam, Doyle (of the Misfits), and even an appearance in Lima, Peru for Lima Metal Fest II in Sept. 2016.

Following a US Tour with APOTHESARY, 2016 also brought Cagle to Des Moines, Iowa to fill in on guitar duties for natives GREEN DEATH's headlining performance on the side stage of the 80/35 Festival. The set was seen by over 5,000+ attendees.

At just 22 years old, Clayton plays in two fully-active bands, has performed for ten's of thousands of fans, and actively pursues touring and session work - putting to bed the myth that millenials are lazy and standing up for next-gen guitar purists everywhere.