I love the intensity of the sound and how it transfers the energy of straight rock riffs and sounds. Hughes & Kettner allows me to play very smooth in the clean channel and at the same time very strong in the lead and crunch channel, a perfect combination.


Emmi King isn’t just some other young artist. She doesn’t stick to the same old boring four-chord patterns everyone else does. At only 19-years-old, Emmi already has an incredibly unmistakable idea of what needs to happen on stage in order to create her authentic, powerful and energetic sound. She doesn’t copy anyone and therefore she isn’t a “sounds-like” artist either. Emmi King’s sound is truly “King-like”, and as a multi-instrumentalist, she knows exactly what every single instrument must do in each song to get this musical power across (and when referring to such a young artist, this should definitely make your jaw drop). She recorded and played all of her songs in the studio by herself; not only singing, but also playing the drums, guitar, piano and bass on the EP all by herself as well.

Within her breathtaking, full-of-energy, charged sound – consisting of straight riffs and danceable grooves – it is very important to her that, besides the honest, down-to-earth Rock ‘n’ Roll, her “critical of society” attitude gets across as well. She’s a phenomenon that – in times of expressionless Casting Show talents and politically disinterested youth – brings hope for new impulses in the young music scene, and breathes new, refreshing, pulsating life into the at the edge of boredom drifting term “indie” in a way that even the coolest “been there, seen it, done it” listener gets on the dance floor.

Emmi King is only 20 years old and already released her first EP with huge success gaining thousands of established fans in the USA, UK and Germany. Emmi is the songwriter of all her songs, including lyrics and orchestration. She writes all her songs in English with lyrics that allow people to identify, but at the same time include messages that are critical of society (Americanized for example criticizes mainstream trends and -behaviour).

Besides being an excellent singer, her primary instrument is drums, however on her EP she plays all the other instruments (guitar, bass, piano) herself as well. She started playing the drums when she was 6 years old and discovered her passion for song-writing and more instruments when she was spending a high school year in the United States. “Tell The Truth And Run” was released in October 2015. In summer 2017 she is recording her new EP in England, which is going to be released soon.

Equipment Emmi King uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment

tm 36 head
TubeMeister 36 Head