The Hughes & Kettner Puretone gives me a tone that stays big, bold and clear no matter how many effects I throw on. It really lives up to it's name!

The Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 for me is the ultimate all in one tube amp. How such a wide array of sounds can be packed into such a small and lightweight enclosure is beyond me!


Evert Zeevalkink is a Dutch session guitar player living in Utrecht currently playing with Tim Akkerman, three time Edison awards nominee The New Shining and singer-songwriter Channah among others. Besides playing live he is also an in demand studio musician working with artists and producers while also playing on film scores and tv commercials. Passionate about multitracking, guitar effects, looping and melodic playing, Evert has his own YouTube channel ( where he uploads looping videos, gear demos and instrumental pieces.

Equipment Evert Zeevalkink uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment