For me, TubeMeister 36 represents incredibly defined, warm and fat tone in such a compact size. Whether on big festival stages or smaller club gigs, it’s just so flexible. And the blue lights are totally sexy!


Fabian Schreiber is a Berlin-based guitarist, bassist, producer and DJ. Mostly you will see him performing together with his twin brother as Twintowas at various hip hop, trap and dancehall shows or as The New Tower Generation, which falls under the house, techno and electronica genres.
Recently he has appeared on stage together with artists like SIDO, Gerard and James Hersey.

Since 2016, Fabian is a live member of the group formed by Austrian hip hop artist RAF Camora, as well as his joint project with Bonez MC of the 187 Strassenbande.

Equipment Fabian Schreiber uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment

tm 36 head
TubeMeister 36 Head