I chose Hughes & Kettner due to their innovative conception: a really small amp, exceptionally powerful and smart. Indeed, life has dramatically changed since the time we had rack units and hundreds of pedals; today what I need is versatility and an amp able to be ready quickly without wasting my time. That is why Grandmeister is the gear !!! Today it is really important for a guitar player to have his sound always with him, and I can take Grandmeister 36 with me at lessons as well as on stage without any strain, due to its small dimensions. With its built-in effects all I have to do is to store my presets, including EQ; besides, it has a boost on every channel and I can use the effects as stompboxes by simply connecting its pedalboard.

If you do my job you really need an amp which is reliable in every audio condition, also in the studio, where it is important to supply the sound engineer with the best possible audio quality. Grandmeister has a Red Box which allows me to connect the head directly to the mixer, without using microphones but still ensuring top-quality sound. So if you are thinking about an innovative amplifier, with great sounds, suitable in every musical situation and with a killer look (the blue light is awesome), what you want is Hughes & Kettner’s Grandmeister!


I have spent my entire life looking for the way to succeed in music, trying every day to give my best and to find my musical way. I was born in 1980 in a small but important city called Siena, Tuscany, and I started to play the guitar at the age of 12, after my parents had tried to have me play saxophone without satisfactory results. My friend Lorenzo Venza, who is a great guitar player, was looking for a rhythm guitarist, so he decided to teach me his art and follow my musical growth.

At the age of 19, after years of local concerts with local bands, my passion led me to Rome to the Percento Musica Music School, where I had the opportunity to study with Stefano Micarelli, Maurizio Lazzaro, Massimiliano Rosati, Andrea Avena, Massimo Fedeli, Umberto Zeppetella, Luca Nostro, Stefano Fresi, Franco Ventura, who are among the greatest guitarists in my country.

In 2008 I opened Rock Factory, a Music School focused on various Rock genres, inspired by the idea that Rock music may work as a real glue to bind society together. After that I started playing in two of my main musical projects: Nhorizon andGuess who's playin' ???. The success of my school started to spread around the country, so I had the big opportunity to become an endorser artist for Schecter guitars in 2013 and eventually an endorser artist for Hughes & Kettner amplifiers in 2014, also thanks to Gold Music, the Italian distributor of these labels. In the same year I was elected in the Siena JazzUniversity Council, becoming one of the youngest  councillors ever and having the honour to manage such a big institution side by side with Franco Caroni, director and founder of Siena Jazz.

In those years I also had the honour to teach Music History at two Secondary Schools of my city, “Galileo Galilei” and “Tito Sarrocchi”, as well as in the “Duccio di Buoninsegna” Art Institute, thus meeting a lot of young people interested in music. This allowed me to “go back” to school as a teacher and a musician, which made me really proud.

After the release of “Nightstalkers”, an Ep with Nhorizon, and the Guess who's playin' single “Bimbominkia”, I started working on my solo album, while in the meantime I divided my activities between performing, teaching, recording, band coaching and managing my school. The rest has to be written, every day a door opens up if you keep your desires safe in your pockets.