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Jay Pepper is the guitar player & founding member of Tigertailz, the UK’s most successful Glam Metal band. Tigertailz have released 10 albums over three decades, achieving chart success with their 1990 album & Live video ‘Bezerk’. As the band move into their 4th decade they continue to play across the world with the biggest names in Rock.
Oh, and they still write killer Rock tracks! 🙂

„When you grew up in the 70’s, learned to play in the 80’s and ‘ROCKED’ in the 90’s you knew what real guitar tones sounded like. Hughes & Kettner have captured all of these tones in the Tri-Amp Mark 3 – but also transported the tube amp into the 21st century with their cutting edge MIDI & Red Box versatility.

When it comes to writing killer Rock tracks and delivering maximum ‘Riffage’ at a Live show, there is simply no better amp!“



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