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Hello World,
My name is Browne, I am guitar player and composer for the Metal Band ‘MONUMENTS’ and ‘Flux Conduct’.
I have been playing guitar for 19 years and have been developing the style I am known for since 2002-2003.

The Black Spirit was not only a huge surprise to me when I plugged it in but I believe it is also the beginning of a complete reform in the way that future amplifiers will be made. We have seen technology in all other fields shrink in size and become more efficient, but in the amplifier world we have tried to recreate the sounds we love with unconventional methods that don’t follow our usual mindset as a species. It’s amazing that no one else has thought of this or if they have they haven’t applied it. Take the tube amplifier and shrink it down in size to follow our current technology. Genius really!
The Black spirit really is the future of what we as guitar players love, The feel and the response of what we grew up loving. It’s like being in your home and you’ve just redecorated it to what you like now. It’s fresh and fulfilling but with the foundation of what made you originally fall in love with it.



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