"From the biggest live stages to the smallest home studios, there is only one amp you need for that awesome guitar sound.
The Grandmeister 36."


John Fryer is a multi-platinum selling record producer and musician.
Starting in 1980 at London's Blackwing Studios, engineering, programming, co-writing, co-producing and producing work for some of the most prestigious indie labels in the world like, 4AD, Mute, Rough Trade and many more. He has worked with such a wide range of music from the "Cocteau Twins" to "Cradle Of Filth" and everything in between. Such as "This Mortal Coil", "Depeche Mode", "Wire", "NiN", "HIM", "Stabbing Westward", Love & Rockets", "Ulver", the list is almost endless. He has also been 1 of 2 only members of "This Mortal Coil" and "DarkDriveClinic" he has his new bands "Silver Ghost Shimmer", "Muricidae" and "Black Needle Noise" coming your way with that awesome Hughes & Kettner guitar sounds.