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Josh Rand started out playing Bass guitar when he was 15 years old. Inspired by Billy Sheehan, Cliff Burton & Jason Newsted just to name a few. He has known Corey Taylor since he was 15. The two have played in several bands together before Josh switched to guitar at age 17. Josh said he became a better guitarist then all the guitarist he knew & after hearing the band Racer X, he knew that was what he should do. Josh has two children. He is a fan of the Atlanta Falcons. He earned a professional certificate in guitar from Berklee College of Music and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in guitar from there as well. Josh Rand with Corey Taylor started StoneSour back up in 2001. The reason why Josh Rand wasn’t in the band in 90’s, because he wanted to play metal and heavy metal was disappearing back then. Josh and Corey Taylor got together in 2000 and started recording stuff, what later started StoneSour.

Versatility that is untouchable.



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