„ I love to play the amps made by Hughes & Kettner because they deliver exactly the sound I
was looking for“


KOJI started playing guitar at the age of 13, and started playing in bands mainly in clubs in Tokyo at the age of 15. While participating in various bands as a guitarist, he has also contributed songs and played guitar, drums, and bass on recordings he has participated in as a producer.
During his hiatus from music, he appeared in various TV shows and movies as a model and actor. He also belonged to a racing team, obtained a class A license, and participated in races while contributing articles to car magazines.
After resuming his musical activities, he concentrated on vocals and guitar, and produced the album "NW8" with Simon Gibson, who remastered "Harry Potter" and "E.T." at Abbey Road Studios, a British cultural heritage site known for recording The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie.
This is the first time a Japanese artist has recorded a full album in the presence of Abbey Road Studios.

NW8" was first released in the U.K. and toured in London, Sheffield, and Brighton, where it was well received.

In the U.S., KOJI performed in Hawaii and Los Angeles, and KOJI's "NW8" was featured in various media outlets.

KOJI wrote all the lyrics and music for "NW8".

After touring in the U.K., KOJI moved his base of activities to the U.S. in LA, where he is working with Whisky a gogo and other groups.


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Equipment KOJI uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment