Th Attax 100 head has all that I need: a very warm clean sound for ballads and an aggressive distortion for rhythm and the solo.


Formed in March 2001, Ibridoma was from the start the brainchild of Alessandro Morroni (drums)
and Christian Bartolacci (vocals).

Later on, Ibridoma took part in several music competitions, winning the first prize at the "ROCK
AROUND THE ROAD" festival in 2004. Starting from this result, the band had the qualifications to
begin composing own lyrics. Indeed, they released the "Lady Of Darkness" EP in 2005, obtaining a
distribution contract with Nightmare Records (USA) and several good reviews on musical websites in
Italy, Holland, France, Portugal, Brazil and Germany. In 2006 Ibridoma performed live in Lisbon
(Portugal) supported by Mindfeeder, a local band.

In 2007 Ibridoma took a stab at their second project, “Page 26”, which immediately met the favors
of critics. The new album has been followed by several live shows that lead the band to support also
famous artists like The Dogma, Uli Jon Roth (former Scorpions), Richie Kotzen (former Poison / Mr
Big), Rigo Rigetti & Roby Pellati (Ligabue), Linea 77, Theatre of the Vampire and Necrodeath. In
June 2008, Alone in the Wind track appeared in Rock Hard Compilation.

During February and March 2009, the band supported the Blaze Bayley’s Italian tour. After this tour
the band starts to work to the first full length: "Ibridoma", published in 2010 by UK Division and SG
Records. After this first album the band starts to play live again, in 2010 they play at Magic Circle Festival (Tolmin, Slovenia) with Manowar, Kamelot, Arch Enemy.

In 2011 Ibridoma starts to work to the second full length, produced by M. E. Baskette and published
in April 2012 by SG Records.A new promotional tour follows the album release and Ibridoma play live
with Rhapsody of Fire, Secret Sphere and Almah.

In 2013 started to record their third album, produced by Max Morton and published by SG Records in