The name says it all: No FX, no toys, nothing too intricate, just my guitar, a plec and pure tone.


Frankfurt in the year 2015. Five musicians meet up in a dark rehearsal room. Friends since the early days and each of them on the countries stages for years with more than 350 gigs to look back on. With no sense of fatigue (not surprisingly with an average age of 28) a new idea was long overdue. The story of ALASKA PIRATE is quickly told: It is about authentic rock from the pen of all five band members. It is about a self-titled album, that was recorded completely live and analog in the Toolhouse Studio (Rotenburg a.d. Fulda), one of the most renowned recording studios of the country. It is about an energetic live-show, but first and foremost it is about the music. And nothing more. Faces, stories, old successes – that all fades into the background. ALASKA PIRATE is simply ALASKA PIRATE. And because this concept is more a long forgotten matter of cause than a concept, the guys will make themselves heard in 2016.

And that’s a fact.