My Grandmaster Deluxe 40 is everything I need on stage. The smaller size makes it perfect for touring. I really enjoy the built-in effects that provide endless possibilities in one single Amp!


Pat is the guitarist of the most famous Horrorpunk-Band in Europe, The Other.

The Other is considered to be Europe’s most famous horrorpunk-band. Gigs at some of the biggest alternative festivals in Europe such as the Wacken Open Air, Amphi Festival, M’era Luna, Summer Breeze, Wave Gotik Treffen, With Full Force, Endless Summer, Ruhrpott Rodeo and countless other festivals support the label that the press gave to the horror-fourpiece. Shows with Alice Cooper, Bela B. (of Germany’s Punk-Rock superstars Die Ärzte), The 69 Eyes, The Cult, Ignite, jennifer Rostock and tours with Misfits, The Damned, Balzac, Christian Death and Wednesday 13 added to the success of the grave-rockers and are proof, that The Other appeals to Punk-Rock, Goth- and Metal audiences alike. The band played endlessly all over Europe in the past years and even toured the USA twice and played shows in Russia.

„Fear Itself“ – the band’s sixth album – introduced new bandmembers and now for the first time in the band’s history featured two guitarists. „Fear Itself“ was in parts a return to the band’s Punk roots and was followed by a new contract with Drakkar Records, the Punk Rock /Alternative sister label of Germany’s AFM.

The first album for Drakkar Records and the seventh album for The Other is entitled „Casket Case“ and features 16 songs. The album was released on October 20th.

Equipment Pat Laveau uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment