Born on July, 3rd 1976. In 1991 he begins to play drums, practicing with Metallica's, Slayer's and Testament's albums.
He begins playing with several bands, Hyperion is one of them.
He records a demo tape with them in 1997 and he signs a deal for Massacre Records.
In 1999 Hyperion releases its full length "Where Stone Is Unscarred" and after a short time the band splits.
After a few bad experiences as a drummer for other bands, he begins to play guitar and he starts to write new songs alone.
Paul begins to think about a metal band with female voice, so he starts to searching for the right musicians.
After a short period of time named as "Sand of Time" the new band Ravenscry is born with the actual formation.
He records "One Way Out" and he plays in two european tours with Ravenscry.