Powerful, clean and elegant...amplifies my violin with all her acoustic charactaristics,nuances and dynamics...worlds finest acoustic amp...amazing !


As a well established traveler between cultures diversity of human expression is the main source of inspiration for Rudi Berger`s pieces and playing, and has influenced the development of his distinct personal tone as a violinist and composer.                                                                                                                                                                                               He has released 5 albums and has featured on more then 200 recordings, some of them Grammy nominated, including award-winning soundtracks for animation, film and theatre.                   Several of his compositions have been recorded and released by musicians in Brazil, Austria, the USA and Venezuela.Since his first European Tour as a bandleader in 1990 he has represented his music in 27 countries worldwide. He has been living fourteen years in New York and moved 2003 to Brazil. Rudi Berger's career development has seen him achieve his unique standing and musical style in the world of Jazz Violin and has resulted in him being considered one of the most original and trend-setting current voices of his genre.

Equipment Rudi Berger uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment