„I am thrilled to be a part of the Hughes & Kettner family. What I appreciate most about Hughes & Kettner is that they are 'traditionalists' when it comes to perfecting tube-driven tone BUT they also appreciate and respect the changing times of the guitar amplifier industry. Hughes & Kettner adapts and uses the available technology to come up with a complete range of amps that can satisfy ANY playing situation and player.


One needs to look no further than comparing the Tri-Amp Mark 3 (the Rolls Royce of Power Tube Amplifiers) to the Black Spirit 200 Floor model (my current 'go to' amp in the studio as well as livestreaming broadcasts during the pandemic). BOTH amps provide an array of tones, but both also have different approaches on how that tone is attained. Check out the 'Spirit Tone Generator' technology for example (used in my Black Spirit 200) to see how traditional 'tube overdrive' is achieved using modern analog methods.


I look forward to combining my years of playing experience with an amplifier company that has spent just as many years perfecting the most killer guitar tone and ultimately getting back out  on tour again...maybe even sharing the stage with some of you reading this right now.  Imagine Your Reality...and above all, Enjoy the Ride!“


Ryan Roxie is an American guitarist, singer/songwriter best known as a Solo Artist and for his guitar work with Alice Cooper, Casablanca and Slash's Snakepit.


Between '94 and '96 Roxie worked with various artists. He provided guitar on Gilby Clarke's albums, Pawnshop Guitars, Blooze, The Hangover and Rubber. Roxie also lent his guitar styling to the un-credited work with Tal Bachman. Roxie's guitar work is displayed on the hit single "She's So High" produced by Bob Rock. Roxie played guitar on James Michael's (from Sixx AM) Inhale release as well. In 2000 Roxie also wrote and recorded on Slash's Snakepit's second album Ain't Life Grand.


In 1997 Roxie joined up with long-time friends drummer Mike Fasano and bassist Will Effertz and created the band Dad's Porno Mag. After Effertz left, guitarist Keri Kelli and bassist Stefan Adika joined. The album was released on Wax-Tone Records. This item is now out of stock but was re-released in 2000 from Robinson Records. Produced by Jim Mitchell of Ugly Kid Joe fame and Mark Schulman (Simple Minds) with additional production by Alex Woltman and friend Gilby Clarke. The album has fourteen tracks and one special hidden track entitled "My Bad Knee" on track 77.


Roxie began working with Alice Cooper in 1996 after a few good words were put in for him by Gilby and a shady character known as 'Bobby from Mates' while proving himself in an audition. He was offered a 'one-year tour' playing with Alice. His first show with the Cooper band was at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo club in Cabo San Lucas.

In 2000 Roxie recorded his first studio album with Alice Cooper, Brutal Planet. Through 2000 to 2005 Roxie collaborated with Cooper on several albums including Dragontown, The Eyes of Alice Cooper and Dirty Diamonds, co-writing a number of songs on the latter two albums.

Ryan has also released his solo album ‘Imagine Your Reality’, as well as appearing as a special guitar guest on many other artist’s releases…Including song-writing credits on the last 2 Alice Cooper records.
Ryan Roxie’s tireless work ethic is seemingly endless and fueled by genuine talent and enthusiasm.

He hosts a weekly Podcast called ‘In the Trenches with Ryan Roxie’ which can be found HERE, creates his own ‘Roxie’s Parking Lot’ gigs as part of the Alice Cooper tours, and has worked globally as an ambassador for the Gibson guitar company as well as currently promoting the Hughes & Kettner Amp brand.
The newest (and perhaps most ambitious) project is Roxie’s creation of the System-12 Guitar Method. A new and unique way to learn the instrument that combines all of Ryan’s 40 plus years of guitar playing experience with the best educational technology available today.

Equipment Ryan Roxie uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment