The GrandMeister on the surface seemed too good to be true. It's compact, light, and can be used for multiple genres in any size of venue. I never wanted to have a complex pedal board, but didn't want to go completely digital either. The GrandMeister Deluxe 40 is the best of both worlds - without sacrificing the sound of a tube amp or the sound of great pedals.


Sebastian started teaching himself guitar at the age of ten and continued to do so throughout grade school. When he graduated from high school in 2011, he moved to San Antonio to pursue music. He played locally for two years until the band he was in pared ways. In March of 2014, he was approached by Darkness Divided to fill in for their bassist on a small, three-week tour.
During that tour, Sebastian co-wrote music with Darkness Divided and was asked to join the band in the studio to help record their debut record through Victory Records.
The band was in the studio when he was added as an official guitarist and vocalist. Since then the band released their second self-produced and self-titled album, recorded at home. Darkness Divided have been on the road in support of that record since April 2016, touring with acts such as Soilwork and Unearth.
At the end of 2016, Darkness Divided traveled overseas for the first time to play a string of shows in Germany.

Equipment Sebastian Elizondo uses the following Hughes&Kettner equipment

sebastian darkness
Sebastian Elizondo