It may not be in accordance with the popular stereotypes of successful rock stars and mega acts, but even these people are happy about practical and space-saving equipment which additionally goes easy on the roadies’ nerves and bones. Looking for an example? Spike Edney (who was playing – once again – the keyboards during the recently finished Queen tour) was excited about his Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere: „The Rotosphere gives me more control over my organ sound than I've ever had. It's easy to use, has infinite variations and my roadies don't get backache luggin' it up three flights of stairs!" In short: extremely flexible, excellent sound, easy to use – and roadies without an absolutely healthy back.
By the way, „The Duke“ is not just any keyboard player: George Benson, Joe Cocker, Duran Duran, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Bob Geldof – to name just a few of the famous acts counting on Spike’s keyboard-playing excellence over the last 30 years. But can this be the reason for us to believe everything he says? Well, it could be at least a good opportunity to check out the Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere – and to have yourself infected with the Tube Tools virus.