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Uwe Sicks has been with us for many years; most of our brand’s pictures and videos are to his credit. What’s more, he wrote a book about our company’s history, “INTO THE BLUE.” In his spare time, he’s also the guitarist in one of Germany’s most popular tribute bands, The PINK FLOYD Project. Known for epic live performances, great guitar sounds, and shows with a bona fide Pink Floyd vibe, the band thrills and delights the capacity crowds at their concerts. With over 25 million YouTube clicks, it is one of the most frequently streamed Pink Floyd tribute acts worldwide.

Uwe has been plugging into our amps since 1991. He is surely one of the few people on the planet who has played every Hughes & Kettner amp at some point in their careers.

Joining the PINK FLOYD Project with his trusty GrandMeister 36, he later stepped up to the GrandMeister Deluxe 40. Since the Black Spirit 200’s September 2018 debut, Uwe Sicks has relied on Spirit Tone Generator technology to shape the delicate sound of his thunder.

“I know of no other amp that combines high-end analog tone, stylistic versatility, and ease of use with the ingenuity of Hughes & Kettner amps. Everything’s right there – from classic Pink Floyd tone to modern sounds topped off with all the key effects – in a handy little unit that I can plug directly into a mixing console or DAW. All that adds up to make these amps indispensable for me!”



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