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GrandMeister Deluxe 40 Android app available now

Android-using GrandMeister 40 players rejoice: there is now a GM40 app for you too!

It was developed by Csaba Reti, the friend of ours who programmed the unofficial GrandMeister 36 Android app, and it’s available at the Google Play store now.

There are two versions: a free version, which is essentially the same as the official App for iPad, and a Premium version, which gives you extra preset management sharing and sorting facilities.

The app works with both amps (the GM40 and the GM36) so you only need one version on your device. It will automatically detect which amp you are using upon launch.

Because the app is unofficial, and we didn’t actually develop it ourselves, any questions should be directed to the developer, and you can contact him directly via the app’s page on the Google Play store.

Here it is, then – enjoy!


More information on the app itself is on our GM40 Remote page here, where you can also find the link to download the official App for iPad from the App Store: