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GrandMeister goes wireless – introducing the WMI-1 MIDI interface!

You asked for it, so here it is: introducing the WMI-1, a bidirectional, wireless MIDI interface optimized for use with the GrandMeister 36 and the matching GrandMeister remote app for iPad!

The WMI-1 can serve as an access point for stages and rehearsal rooms where Wi-Fi is not available, or as a client connected to a router in a network, such as a home network.

The GrandMeister’s MIDI port provides phantom power to the WMI-1, so it does not need an outboard power supply or battery.

Rüdiger Forse, our Senior Product Manager, says: “Ever since we released the GrandMeister remote app for iPad, the fans have been crying out for a wireless MIDI solution. And not just because iPads and cables aren’t cool. A wireless solution would offer so many more options: imagine being able to watch and touch your tube tone from the front of the stage with an iPad on your microphone stand – and then being able to adjust reverb levels, gain or EQ settings without having to run to your amp five meters behind you.”

“At first, we hesitated to develop a wireless MIDI interface ourselves, because the technology was completely new to us. But, after a year of waiting for a solution from other manufacturers, we decided to do it on our own, enabling us to perfectly match the needs of Hughes & Kettner players: no battery, latency-free, and the option to include your MIDI foot controller in your setup!”

So there it is. The WMI-1 offers an additional MIDI input that merges the commands from the iPad and from a MIDI foot controller.

To use the WMI-1, all you need to do is select the WMI-1 as a Wi-Fi network in the Wi-Fi settings of your iPad, or connect it to your home network using the WPS function. Both the necessary apps – GM36Remote and WMI Connect – are freely available from the Apple App Store and work with any iPad with iOS 7 or later.

The WMI-1 is in shops from May 2015, and here’s a quick explanation video we shot at the recent Frankfurt musikmesse…


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Here’s the WMI-1 page (scroll down a bit!)


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