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StompMan – The full-fledged guitar amp in Stompbox format

The latest addition to the successful AmpMan line, the new StompMan is a full-fledged, high-end guitar amp in the format of a compact floor effects unit. Astonishingly powerful, it serves up outstanding fundamental sound with a tonal spectrum that can be shaped to suit the genre, style and taste. The StompMan was engineered to bring out the best in effects plugged into its input and FX loop. With this pedal-friendly design and a host of connection options, this floor amp is the professional-grade hub for discerning players’ pedalboards.

The Cream Machine, TubeMan, TubeTools, TubeMeister, Black Spirit – Hughes & Kettner has been shoehorning inspiring sound and advanced features into ingeniously compact and exceptionally practical formats for more than 30 years now. The latest milestone on this path, the new StompMan carries this legacy forward.

At the heart of the StompMan is the award-winning Spirit Tone Generator technology, a fully analog circuit that captures the tone and ultra-direct, dynamic feel of traditional tube amps. Its Tone knob works like that of its archetypal predecessors, shaping the amp’s response according to the Gain, Master and Sagging settings. With the added tone-sculpting power of the Presence and Resonance knob, players can dial in the full sweep of classic clean and overdrive sounds. When paired with an appropriate preamp and other stompboxes, these controls provide all the tweaking options needed to conjure modern heavy sounds.

The StompMan’s remarkably muscular power amp delivers up to 50 watts depending on the connected speakers’ impedance. Even at the lower end of the spectrum – 12.5 watts at 16 ohms – it packs a punch assertive enough to be heard and felt in most rehearsal rooms and gigging situations. Another hallmark feature is the exclusive analog Sagging knob, which controls power amp saturation by seamlessly varying its supply voltage. This is the key to dialing in time-honored tones with dynamically responsive compression. The StompMan works wonderfully with upstream effects plugged into its front end, bringing out the best in these stompboxes. And its adjustable FX Loop does the same for reverb and delay effects. This sophisticated floor amp also provides the perfect tools for integrating outboard external preamps. The Bypass button removes the onboard preamp from the signal chain, while the Trim knob sets the gain to that sweet-spot level that works best with the power amp section. All preamps benefit from the organic sound of the StompMan power amp – and none more so than digital modelers.

“The StompMan does so many things so well: It can serve as the hub of high-quality pedalboards, as the tone-generating power amp for analog and digital preamps, as a recording tool, and as the gig bag-friendly go-to amp for every occasion. With its top-drawer tone, brilliant features and astonishing power, StompMan is the smallest of the big guitar amps!”

says Sully Neuscheler, Product Manager at Hughes & Kettner.