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Loads of new TubeMeister Deluxe sound samples available now

You’ve all been asking to hear more of TubeMeister Deluxe and the built-in Red Box AE – and now you can!

One of our resident GuitarMeisters recently took a Deluxe 20 and a Deluxe 40 home with him to test out in connection with his favorite Les Paul, Strat and Tele. They all sounded so good together that he hooked the Deluxe amps up to his Mac and DAW via the Red Box AE for us all to enjoy… and these are the results:

You can hear all the Deluxe 20 tones here.

And all the Deluxe 40 sounds are here.

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And if you haven’t tried the Deluxe amps for yourself yet – it’s time you got Deluxed! Find a store near you where you can try one here: