Closer to true acoustic tone than ever before

Total tonal transparency

Your acoustic, only louder

A note is just a note. It's how the instrument responds to your touch that turns the craft of playing into the art of music. A great acoustic guitar has a personality of its own, and a great acoustic amp captures and delivers every nuance and overtone so your audience can hear the same magic at work that's inspiring you – the player.

Made for musicians

A working tool to inspire every show

You can only give your best performance if you have the best gear behind you to back you up. We design acoustic amps that not only sound stellar; they also include every useful feature you could ever need for smoothing out show day and uniting your crowd.

Made in Germany

Premium workmanship you can be proud of

Legendary German acoustic amplification guru Michael Eisenmann has been striving to create the perfect acoustic amp for more than a quarter of a century. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t – all crafted using top-notch engineering skills, painstakingly matched components, exquisite finishing, and extraordinary quality.