Rack Mount Set

RM-20/ RM-40/ RM-BS

SRP: 44,90 €

Due to the high demand from touring artists who want to mount their Meister amps into roadworthy racks, we’ve designed an easy to install solution!


The RM-20, RM-40 and RM-BS rack mounts are screwed to the side of your TubeMeister Deluxe 20 or 40 or GrandMeister Deluxe 40 or Black Spirit 200 to turn your amp into a ready-made (4 HU) 19” rack unit.

Be careful though: the hot tone of tubes needs cooling! We recommend building your amp into a rack only if you have sufficient cooling and ventilation (except when using Black Spirit 200). Commercially available 19” cooling fans from the world of home computing are well suited to this purpose, for example the PROCOOL HK640B, which was custom designed for Hughes & Kettner: www.procool.com


Rack Mount Set RM-20/ RM-40/ RM-BS

4 HU

RM-20: TubeMeister 18, TubeMeister Deluxe 20

RM-40: TubeMeister 36, GrandMeister 36, TubeMeister Deluxe 40, GrandMeister Deluxe 40

RM-BS: Black Spirit 200


Only use in combination with rack fans! We suggest to install a rack fan above the amp. Except when using the Rack Mount with Black Spirit 200.


RM-20 (Set): 700 gr. / 1,54 lbs.

RM-40 (Set): 500 gr. / 1,10 lbs.

RM-BS (Set): 550 gr. / 1,20 lbs.

NOTE:  Amp, rack and rack fan are not included.


Rack Mount Set DOWNLOADS

Manual Rack Mount Set RM-20/ RM-40 1.0