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SPIRIT NANO – Hughes & Kettner brings professional-grade tone and features to the micro-class of amplifiers

Hughes & Kettner has released its first family of micro amps with the new Spirit Nano series. Based on the company’s award-winning Spirit Tone Generator technology, these three models deliver the rich sound and response of traditional tube amps. With up to 50 watts output power, a built-in Red Box cabinet simulator and the groundbreaking Sagging control, the new Spirit Nano heads are micro-marvels of utility that are sure to bring delightful tone and astonishing powers of expression to any rehearsal, recording and gigging situation.

Spirit Nano uses Hughes & Kettner’s proprietary Spirit Tone Generator, which faithfully recreates the glorious interactive nature of traditional tube amp circuits in a strictly analog way to deliver the rich, responsive tone discerning players demand.

The second secret ingredient in Spirit Nano’s recipe for tone is the Sagging control. This exclusive feature dials in those sweet spots of power amp saturation that account for so many legendary guitar tones – seamlessly and independently of the volume level.

The Spirit Nano series comprises three specialized units, each echoing an entire chapter in the history of legendary guitar sounds. Hughes & Kettner´s Senior Product Manager Rüdiger Forse says: “With the new Spirit Nano Series, we condensed the spirit of legendary tones into three small sized but huge sounding amps”. The Spirit of Vintage serves up the full spectrum of shimmering Californian clean sounds to rockin’ rebel British crunch tones typical for  the ‘60s and early ‘70s. The Spirit of Rock  takes players on a journey through time to arena rock the era of iconic power riffs to signature brown sound. Spirit of Metal delivers everything from beefy ‘80s metal sounds to the bombast of modern metal tones. With tons of gain, it serves every genre.”

Despite their wealth of tones and muscular output, Spirit Nano heads are surprisingly small and light, easily fitting into any gig bag or briefcase.

The Spirit Nano family will ship in October 2020 at a SRP of €199 each. Find more Information on